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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Beauty Guide

  • BRAIDS & WAVES; Not much to say for this one except that waves and braids are the way to go this summer. Braids are heavily influenced by the spring 2010 catwalks all over Europe. Particularly prominent on Alexander Wang's Spring 2010 runway, and also spotted at Miuccia Prada's Miu Miu Spring 2010.

  • Fun shaded lipsticks. Trust me, they work with any skin color. Pair them with neutral eyes and be ready to pop with them. Especially go for corals and fun pink, violet shades.

  • Pastels haven't only be raging all over clothes and makeup, but nails as well. Go ahead and shellac your nails with one of those hot hues: Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour ($26, at all Chanel beauty counters) in “Nouvelle Vague.” Yves Saint Laurent Long-Lasting Nail Lacquer ($24 each, at Holt Renfrew) in “Ultra Violet” and “Ultra Orange.” 

  • Colored eyeliners are perfect for summer season! They brighten up your eyes and give a fun, youthful vibe. Take advantage of them this summer! 

  • Of course you want a "healthy glow", but the name says it itself- Healthy-, so please avoid the harmful rays of the sun UVA/UVB and invest in a good SPF. Don't you worry, because you can still get that summery glow by using powered or cream bronzers (there are so many options out there). 


Ansa said...

I love beachy waves. Great post xx

Irene's blog said...

Thanks Ansa! I love them to! It is my to go hairstyle this summer, cuz I am trying to avoid heating tools, so if your hair is naturally wavy, why not go for it? ;)


Nicola-x said...

Your so lucky to have natually wavy hair to acheive such a lovely hairstyle, I would love to have my hair like those pictures nice and wavy but my hair is really naturally straight and I would really damage my hair curling it every day :/

Great post! :)

Nicola xo

Irene's blog said...

Nicola! You are so sweet dear! But trust me! So many times I wish to God I had straight hair like when I was little! I hate using heat, but of course if I want to straighten it I have no choice! You have absolutely gorgeous hair as well. I love ur texture and especially colorrr!!! :)

I love cookies and who are you? said...

Beachy waves are absolutely stunning; so natural.
Love it (:

Irene's Beautyblog said...

Thank you darling! Thanks for stopping by! :)