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Monday, June 28, 2010's picture perfection newcomer

Okay, so I received an update subscription from and this girl stroke me so much. She might not have the unusual look like Gemma Ward (which I personally love), but she has a timeless classical beauty appeal to her. She is an 18 years old girl from Czech Republic. She can totally do both the high fashion and the more commercial side of the business. Let me know what you think? Do you like her, or do you think she is a deja-vu?

Name: Karolina Mrozkova Hair: Blonde Height: 180cm / 5′11″ Bust: 83 cm / 32.5″ Waist: 61 cm / 24″ Hips: 89 cm / 35″ Place of Origin: Prague, Czech Republic



Kat O said...

WOW. I'm asking God for a refund! There are a lot of good genes in the Czech Rep.

Kat x Click&Make-Up

Irene's blog said...

HAHAHA Kat O!! That made me laugh! :)


Becky said...

Oh wow, she's drop dead gorgeous! ♥

the moonchild said...

ahhhh. i wish i was as tall as she is!

xx rena.

Irene's blog said...

Becky: You are gorgeous as well! :)

Rena: Comon, height is only important in the modeling world! Elsewhere, it has no importance! You are perfect the way u are dear!


S.Elisabeth said...

See when I see 18 year olds that look like this, and I see myself in the mirror, I wonder wtf God was doing when he was creating our generations. Because age is about the only thing we have in common physically!
She's gorgeous. And I wouldn't say deja vu, but she has a face that can easily be transformed into a ton of different things with make up and hair styling, which is golden in the modeling industry. And given she's probably got a little accent, she's set to be a top model!

Ah and I'm SOSOSO jealous you have a boyfriend that looks like Kyu! Lucky girl!

Irene's blog said...

hahaha Elisabeth you are so cute!!
And I agree with the age and models! Guess what? I am 4 years older than her and can pass for her lil sister :) She still has a youthful appeal but at usually 18 years old definitely don't look like that hehe. But that is fashion! That's why not everyone can model, you need to have that something that isnt common, such as girls 5f11 with different face shapes and all.

p.s. you are gorgeous as well!! :)

much love,

Mandyy said...

she`s amazing !