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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Candy Colored Fashion

Pastels are so in this summer! I absolutely love the colors! They aren't only easy to the eye, but have the power to refresh and lighten you up on hot summery days! I personally am really into light pink and minty colors, will definitely stock up my wardrobe.
I was looking around polyvore for some great collections and I came across many beautiful ones! Which pastel will you be wearing mostly this summer?
xoxo, Irene


minnja said...

Lovely colors <3

vnikali said...

great oufits!
would like to wear each one!!

Nells said...

your blog is very catching to the eye!!
and i love polyvore though i kind of quit using it lately!!
are u greek??
well many kisses from greece either way!!
keep in touch**

Stiene Saenen said...

I love the outfits! x

Anonymous said...

love your blog, it's so well layed out! absolutly beautiful!

Jess said...

I LOVE all of the different shades of pink and want them all!!!

Katy said...

wow! I really love all of your pictures in this post! and I would like to try the light pink and the brown nudes colours too!:)

knk said...

cool collection of outfits looks great nice post dear

Irene's blog said...

Minnja: Thank you dear!

Vnikali: Me too if I could I would wear each of them hehe :)

Nells: Thank you for stopping by sweety! And yes am actually part greek. In fact i am greek/italian/albanian/german. Ala megalosa stin ellada mexri tin ilikia 13 xronon. Xaroumeni ime pou mia ellinida mevrike hehe!!
Keep in touch!

Stiene: I am glad you like them sweety!

Eve: Thank you dear! I love your blog alot!

Jess: I love them all too, especially the pink ones ;)

Katy: Thank you sweety! They would look pretty on you! :)

Knk: Thank you darling! You have such a cute inspiring blog! :)

Isabel said...

i also love pastels!

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

Irene's blog said...

I am glad you like them too dear!

Haute Californian said...

love your sets, they're really cute and perfect for summer.
check out/follow my blog :
i always return a favor :)

Cupcake.Fashionista said...

Great blog Irene and thanks for checking mine out!
LOVE all the pastels. Very pretty!

Irene's blog said...

Thank you darlings!! :)

I love both your blogs! :)


Taylor said...

I'm not a big pastel person - only when I have a tan do I dare wear pastels up top near my face. I love pale yellow the best!

Irene's blog said...

Taylor: I have to agree with you Taylor! Sometimes pastels tend to wash out very paled skinned people, that is why I tend to stick with them only in summer when I develop a tan! :) And pale yellow is such a lovely color on tanned skin!


silke said...

Lovely outfits!! <333

Irene's blog said...

Thank you for stopping by Silke! :)


Fashion is a Playground said...

Wow I love it all ! :)